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About Classic Industries and Exports Ltd.

Classic Industries and Exports Ltd predominantly focuses on products supporting the tyre industry. We have three manufacturing facilities in India, in Chennai, Cochin and Pune respectively.

Our product range primarily consists of high quality moulds, Tyre building equipments, tyre tubes and bladders. Additionally we also have a facility to mix different types of rubber compounds, including REACH compliant compounds, as per customers’ requirements.

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Integrated Agro-Based Activity

Visits were undertaken under Improved Agriculture intervention for activities such as soil testing , demonstration of composting, demonstration of floriculture crop, support of improved seeds and exposure. There was 33% increase in yield. The project has been successful in reaching out to 300 families in the target villages.

Women Empowerment

Under new SHG formation and strengthening intervention, 56 SHGs in four villages and 904 members were involved. The project supported the capacity building of the SHGs and their Income generation Activities. A detailed study will be conducted in future to capture the impact of this activity.

Health & hygiene program for women

Under health and hygiene related intervention, activities such as gynecological camps, creating awareness against nutrition and provision of kitchen garden kits of vegetables seeds were provided.

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